Two years after an Ypsilanti man heard those words escape the judge’s lips, he was thrilled to give us an update. The gentleman, let’s call him Frank, had been charged with abusing his teenaged son, and went through the difficult process of trial with the guidance and expertise of his attorney, Beverly M. Griffor.

What the judge didn’t know was that this allegation came up in the midst of a contentious divorce, and Frank had a curfew in place at his home. An argument had erupted over that curfew within the past week, and the two teenaged children had left the house, against court order, and had gone to their mother’s home. There had really been no incident that day, only a father telling his children to behave properly. Unfortunately, this argument was described to the police in a very different manner. The police were on Frank’s doorstep a few days later. No one would listen to Frank, and he found himself in the difficult position of having to deal with prosecution for something that he didn’t do. The judge dismissed Frank’s case after the attorneys made their closing arguments.

These days Frank has a much better relationship with his kids, now that the divorce is over and life has settled down a bit. He has been able to return to work (he almost lost his job because of the abuse charges), and he is happy as a clam. His oldest son will be going off to college soon and Frank is looking forward to helping him move his futon and TV, even if he throws out his back yet again. He called this day to thank us, to tell us that he was grateful, and to let us know that life can go on!

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