Do you need a good lawyer? Someone that can handle your legal issues. Someone that's willing to fight for you in Court? Then this is the firm for you.

- Thomas M.

I have used Stuart Collis on three separate occasions over the past 10+ years, two concerning animals and once for family law. In all three cases, Stuart has been prompt, courteous and understanding of my concerns. I would recommend him to anyone looking for advice or representation.

- Michael B

I am a business owner and Collis and Griffor PC was extremely helpful in setting up my LLC and other business documents. They worked very closely with me to make sure I understood exactly what I needed. I have consulted with them at every turn, and I appreciate the personal touches. I would highly recommend this firm to everyone with legal needs. Collis and Griffor PC is the best firm out there!

- Johnny I.

I Highly recommend! Friendly staff and knowledgeable attorneys.

- Josh D.

I would recommend Beverly without question. The ratings of trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable and kept me informed speak well the type of person she is. I have no regret for having chosen her as my lawyer. Although I'm a new client I have known her many years.

- Elaina

Stuart Collis and his firm have been knowledgeable, versatile, incredibly helpful, efficient, and invaluable as I’ve been dealing with my parents’ estate issues. He drafted power of attorney documents, then Ladybird deeds for their property, then real estate sales documents, and more. I trust Stuart enough that I recommend his firm to my friends! (And they are still my friends afterward)! ;-)

- Christina L.

I have been in court for a while trying to get my ex to let me see my son, but she wouldn't. I worked with another lawyer who was ok but didn't do work in the area. I had seen Beverly in court and when she came onto my case it was much better. She was more of a partner and tried to get what I wanted without having to go into court because my ex presents really well when she talks to the judge with her lawyer. She worked with my ex and got me the time I wanted without making me go to court again.

- Randal

I hired Mrs. Griffor for a parenting time increase and objection to child support ruling. I have dealt with a couple lawyers before, so I get a little nervous whenever using a new lawyer. Mrs. Griffor was a great find! She was kind, she listened, and you could tell she wanted to help. I was filing for more parenting time and she took the case and owned it. She kept me up to date on everything that happened and I always knew what she was sending to the court or what the other party was saying to her; other lawyers I have dealt with never did this. In every interaction with me, or the other party, she was professional and kept a level head. Some responses from the other parties sounded mean or they were attacking me, her responses to them were always calm and fair. I can't tell you how much this helps when it comes to talking to the other side or dealing with the judge. After our win with the parenting time the other party filed a Motion for Reconsideration, Mrs. Griffor was instantly all over that. She had prepaired herself for the responses as she was calling me to let me know that they filed this Motion. I cant describe by message how impressed with or happy I am with Mrs. Griffor and what she does. If you are looking for someone who will watch out for your best interest, keep you up to date, and be there for you, then look no further. Hire Mrs. Griffor with confidence that your case will get the attention it deserves and that you have the best representation you can have. I hope that I never have to hire a lawyer again after my cases are done, BUT, if I do, I know where I am going.

- Rane

Character, Honesty and Follow through! As a 26 year military officer, these attributes are what I hope to find in dealing with professionals. Ms. Griffor exceeded the standards of customer service, sound counsel and excellent communication. She made a difficult situation easy to live with and she has my sincer thanks and respect.

- MAJ Dan

My first experience within the business world was horrible. I got burned. I had an idea for a unique doll and like many people before me, I trusted the wrong business/woman to help me create and manufacture her. I was devastated both emotionally and financially. I called Beverly. She met with me right away and gave me the peace of mind I needed. She immediately started working on my case. I was paid in full, 2 hours after the demand letter was sent! She also took care of all my copyrights. I would highly suggest Beverly to anyone starting out with a new business, never try to do it by yourself, let Beverly walk you through the steps. She is worth every penny you pay her.

- Karen

Really great results with Stuart's help. He was great for our family. Definitely in our family for lawyers. Thumbs up all the way. He knows how to handle child custody issues. Most Recommended.

- Linda M.

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