What are Grounds for Divorce in Michigan?

The process of divorce is different for every couple. This is because all marriages are different, as can be the reason why the couple may wish to separate. It is important to understand divorce law in your state, as it can impact the way you file. For example, the state…
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What Do I Need to Know About Common Divorce Trends?

The way divorces occur has changed over time. When different marriages have certain things in common, they can start to create trends. It is important to be aware of these trends, as they can impact anyone at any part of a divorce. This may be before filing, during the proceedings,…
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What is the Most Common Time of Year to File for Divorce?

Every divorce is different from the one that comes before it. However, research suggests there is a time of year that is most common for spouses to file for divorce. Generally, divorce rates go down at the end of each year and they begin to spike at the beginning of…
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How Can I Financially Prepare for a Divorce in Michigan?

Going through a divorce can be an overwhelming process for all parties involved. Not only does it impact a spouse emotionally, but also financially. In addition to the costs associated with divorce proceedings, spouses may be subject to losing some of their assets through equitable distribution. It is because of…
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Am I Entitled to Certain Assets in a Divorce in Michigan?

Couples who divorce are required to go through a number of processes that separate their lives from one another. This includes the division of their assets. When facing these situations, spouses often wonder what assets they are entitled to receive once the proceedings are final. No one wants to lose…
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What is Discovery in a Michigan Divorce Case?

There are several different parts of divorce proceedings. The more commonly known steps can include the division of assets and determining child custody, child support, and alimony. However, an important part of these proceedings that people are not usually aware of it the discovery process. When dealing with these matters,…
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