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Key factors about establishing paternity

After a separation, determining custody may become an uphill battle. A key component to aid in a father's bid for custody is establishing paternity.

For those fathers who are not married to the mother, this is actually a critical step. To aid in this endeavor, there are a few key factors to know about establishing paternity.

Things to know before a business merger

One way companies commonly look to expand their business is through mergers and acquisitions. With proper execution, this can be very beneficial. However, poor implementation may lead to more issues than profit gains.

It is important to fully understand the process and have a set plan in place to succeed in this type of venture. If you are considering a business merger, there are a few things you should be aware of and implement throughout the process.

3 key legal concepts to know as a business owner

As a business owner, it is critical that you understand the rules and regulations that govern proper business practices. Not doing so may lead to expensive fees and additional consequences.

Some companies are able to maintain an attorney or legal staff; however, this is not always the case, especially for smaller companies. Though business law is a broad field, it can be beneficial to stay abreast of certain concepts.

Michigan employment laws you should know

Your business comprises various parts, and your team is a major component of that. It is important that you are following all applicable laws when it comes to your employees and personnel.

The United States DOL provides a summary of the general labor laws that businesses across the board must apply. However, some states have additional laws. It is important that you stay abreast of these laws and how they may affect your business.

Making sure your contract holds up

You have done the hard work of hammering out an agreement. Now you need to make sure you end up with a properly written and signed contract, as Michigan law requires for many types of agreements.

Although you may not anticipate problems at this time, disputes can arise in unpredictable ways. Dotting your i's and crossing your t's today can save you a world of trouble tomorrow.

How to handle a dispute with a business partner

Conflict is not something that you can always avoid when you work with a business partner in Michigan. Although you both may agree about things most of the time, there may be situations where you do not. Small disagreements can turn into major ones that can cause an otherwise healthy and mutually rewarding business partnership to crumble. They can also prove disastrous for your company. 

Take some time to learn how to handle disputes with your business partner to keep your partnership and company on track for greatness. 

How can I build my business's reputation?

Starting a business in Michigan is no easy task. You may have visions of profits and expansion in mind, but before you can reach those goals, you need to focus on building your company's reputation. A strong and favorable reputation is what you want for your business. However, building a good reputation for a startup business is not something that can be done overnight. It takes time, careful planning, strategic action, a good understanding of business law and the right resources.

Here is a brief overview of steps you can take to build and maintain your business's reputation. 

Are you hiring an employee or independent contractor?

Business owners hire workers for many different jobs. Paying employees is different than paying workers who are self-employed. The biggest difference is in how taxes are treated. Self-employed workers are responsible for their own taxes and benefits, whereas employees are not. Hiring independent contractors can cost your business less, but the IRS disapproves of misclassifying workers.

When determining classification of workers, your business needs to look at the type of business relationship you have with the worker:

  • How much control do you have over what the worker does?
  • How will the worker be paid? Will expenses be reimbursed or not? Who provides the tools and supplies?
  • Is the work a key aspect of your business? Do you provide benefits and contracts?

Challenges you will face building your business

Opening a business is an exciting process. So is trying to grow the profitability of an existing business. In either scenario, business owners deal with a similar set of challenges in building their business.

Although priorities may differ depending on the size of the company -- if you have a startup, for example, you will probably be more concerned with breaking even than increasing profitability -- it's always important to anticipate future challenges.

How to protect intellectual property in your business

When you start a company, you choose a market or industry in which you aim to establish yourself and compete for consumer business. Protecting intellectual property, such as logos and company practices, is very important, especially during startup before your business has grown.

Here are 4 methods of protecting intellectual property:

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