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If you’ve already written a will, you may be wondering what happens if you need to change it. We understand that different life events can change your priorities and necessitate changes to your estate plan, which is why we make it easy to amend your will with the help of our lawyers. A Washtenaw County wills attorney will advise you on the best way to change your will and account for any recent life events.

Should I Amend My Will With a Codicil?

One way to amend your will uses a document known as a “codicil.” This should be a short document, no more than a page long, that changes something about your will. This can be a great option if you just need to make a minor change. You just need to be sure that the codicil would not create confusion or conflict when read with your original will.

If you plan to make a big change to your estate plan, a codicil may not be the best way to amend a will. Instead, why not just write a new one entirely? Our lawyers can make sure that your new document is legally binding and that your old will gets destroyed. This way there will be no confusion about your latest plans for your assets and your estate.

Are There Rules About When I Can Amend My Will?

There really aren’t any hard and fast rules about when you should amend a will. Instead, you should think about your estate plan after major life events and consider whether or not you should make an adjustment. Good times to think about amending your will include after

  • Getting married
  • The death of a spouse or another beneficiary
  • A new child is born
  • A falling out with a relative or friend
  • A move to a state with different property rules

You should also probably change your will if you had specific instructions that no longer apply. Let’s say you were planning to leave a property to your eldest child, but you sold it off instead. You should edit your will and take out any mention of the assets that you no longer own.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Change or Update My Will?

We recommend hiring a lawyer when dealing with these kinds of documents. Your will needs to be legally binding. Mistakes during the drafting process can render a document invalid, and that can cause confusion for your family. A lawyer can ensure that everything is in order and that your final wishes get honored.

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