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When a couple with children goes through a divorce, they face an additional set of challenges determining how they will parent after the marriage is over. There are many benefits to enlisting the help of a skilled lawyer who understands parenting coordination and knows how to make it work for you and your family. At Collis, Griffor & Hendra, our family law attorneys have over 30 years of collective experience helping good people just like you make it through the difficult process of being a good parent over the course of a divorce. Contact our office today to learn if parenting coordination is right for you and your family.

What is Parenting Coordination?

Parenting coordination is a nonlitigation-based dispute resolution process that is court-ordered or agreed on by divorced or separated parents who have an ongoing pattern of high conflict or litigation regarding their children. It is a technique most often utilized by parents who care deeply about their children but have demonstrated an inability to resolve their child-related disputes through other processes such as court, mediation, initial settlement conferences or custody evaluations. The collaborative nature of parenting coordination is often the change that is needed to stay out of court. Contact us to discuss your options today.

Attorneys Who Understand Parenting Coordination

The skilled and experienced legal team at Collis, Griffor & Hendra can help you establish a parenting coordination agreement that works for you, your children and your lifestyle. Although the underlying principle of parenting coordination is an unwavering focus on the children’s best interests, we always keep sight of the fact that your relationship with your children will be lifelong and your children’s memories throughout these moments will shape them for a lifetime.

At Collis, Griffor & Hendra, we can use parenting coordination to help you:

  • Construct a parenting plan that’s workable
  • Comply with court orders and parenting plans in a way that is healthy for the children
  • Make timely decisions that address the children’s needs
  • Reduce the amount of damaging conflict between other adults to whom the children are exposed
  • Diminish the pattern of unnecessary court appearances over child-related issues

Contact an Experienced Parenting Coordinator

Although the parenting coordination process will differ from case to case, depending on factors such as court orders and instructions, level of attorney engagement and parental cooperation, a parenting coordinator (PC) will always be appointed and attempt to work with both parents to find a process that works best for the family. If you are considering parenting coordination, contact Collis, Griffor & Hendra today to set up an appointment for a consultation. We advise and represent clients in from our office in Ypsilanti and throughout southern Michigan.

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