Am I Entitled to Certain Assets in a Divorce in Michigan?

Couples who divorce are required to go through a number of processes that separate their lives from one another. This includes the division of their assets. When facing these situations, spouses often wonder what assets they are entitled to receive once the proceedings are final. No one wants to lose…
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What is Discovery in a Michigan Divorce Case?

There are several different parts of divorce proceedings. The more commonly known steps can include the division of assets and determining child custody, child support, and alimony. However, an important part of these proceedings that people are not usually aware of it the discovery process. When dealing with these matters,…
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How is Alimony Paid in Michigan?

There are many marriages in which the two spouses are in different financial standings from one another. This tends to happen when one is employed and the other is not. These situations can leave one spouse financially dependent on the other. It is because of this that during divorce proceedings,…
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What is a Contested Divorce in Michigan?

Many married couples experience life changes that lead them to believe their marriage is no longer repairable. When this happens, they may wish to file for divorce. There are many different ways a divorce can be completed. When spouses cannot reach agreements regarding the terms of their marital issues, they…
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What to do if You Are a Divorced Parent Seeking to Relocate With Your Child

In the months or years following a divorce, very often, circumstances change, and one former spouse finds themselves in a situation where they have to move. However, if the former spouses had children together, this scenario can become all the more complicated. That is why if you are a divorced…
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