What to Know About Guardianship in Michigan

An estate planning attorney can help us plan for our futures. But, we can also use estate planning to care for our loved ones now. In some cases, you may want to create a guardianship for a family member or friend who can no longer make sound decisions for themselves.…
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What if No One Wants to Be the Executor of an Estate?

There is a lot that goes into estate planning. Throughoughly planning during your life will make things much easier in the event of your passing. While your estate will be planned out, you will still need someone to be in charge of handling things. This person is called the executor.…
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Estate Planning in The New Year | What to Know

Many of us make New Year's Resolutions. Every year, we promise to do things that will benefit us. For some people, this may mean eating healthier, for others it may mean reaching out to friends and family more often. This year, add estate planning to your list of resolutions. Read…
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How Early Should I Start Estate Planning?

You have likely heard of a will. But, it is a distant concept. Your parents and grandparents have spoken of it, but no one your age really mentions it. Many young people believe that estate planning is something to put off until later in life, but the reality is, you…
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What to Know About Advance Healthcare Directives

There is a lot more that goes into estate planning than you may realize. For example, it is not enough to create a will. You may also want to create trusts, a power of attorney, an advance healthcare directive, and so on. The estate planning process can feel daunting. After…
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How Can I Prepare for an Initial Consultation with an Estate Planning Attorney?

If you are beginning the estate planning process, you likely have a lot on your mind. It can feel overwhelming when you are thinking about your future and making decisions that will impact yourself, your friends, and your family. Something that helps ease the stress of estate planning is to…
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The Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes | What to Know About Wills

A will is an incredibly important document when it comes to planning your future. A will allows you to determine how your assets will be divided in the event of your passing. It also allows you to leave gifts and meaningful mementos to your loved ones. Because a will is…
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Contesting a Will in Michigan | What to Know

A will is an extremely important document. It allows one to declare his or her wishes for the future. Often, many important assets are involved in a will-- as a result, the deceased's loved ones will likely want to make sure that the will is valid and legally sound. As…
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Can I Exclude my Child From my Will in Michigan?

Every family is different. Some parents choose to leave all their assets to their children, other parents leave assets to only some of their children, other parents do not leave assets to their children at all. When it comes to estate planning, it is important to do what is best…
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