Collis & Griffor, PC is an affordable attorney in Ypsilanti that offers years of experience, a solid record and a passion for law that sets them apart from other attorneys in the Ann Arbor region. Easy to talk to and concerned with the needs of clients, Collis & Griffor, PC goes above other attorneys by being affordable as well as skilled. From the free consultation to the affordable fees for even the most difficult cases, Collis & Griffor, PC works for clients to get the best outcome without the high cost.

A good attorney will be sure the client’s needs are met, a great attorney will not only meet those needs but listen to the client and be sure that more than needs are met. Attention to detail and concern with the outcome of each case individually is what Collis & Griffor, PC is all about. We understand that each case has different circumstances and for this reason, we make sure to listen as well as impart advice. From the moment you step in the office, we give you our full attention and do our best to keep fees affordable. Willing to work with our clients, Collis & Griffor, PC offers options for payment including cash, check or major credit cards and even taking smaller retainers if necessary. Collis & Griffor, PC believes that everyone should have access to the best representation possible, not just those who can afford the best.

Collis & Griffor, PC is an affordable attorney in Ypsilanti, specializing in many forms of law including but not limited to criminal law including expungement, family law including custody and paternity cases, divorce law, drunk driving, traffic and collections. Primarily serving the cities of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, Collis & Griffor, PC extends its legal services throughout the state of Michigan.

If you are looking for an affordable attorney in Ypsilanti or the surrounding areas, Collis & Griffor, PC would like to help you. Contact us by phone at 734.827.1337 or fill out our online form for your FREE Consultation and hire the best and most affordable attorney in Ypsilanti, Collis & Griffor, PC.

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