Having to make a court appearance can be stressful, but you don’t have to face it alone. Hiring an attorney to represent you gives you an ally with an intimate understanding of the law, and many hundreds of hours in its practice. Your attorney can analyze your case and make recommendations on settlements or plea bargains that are based on experience gained in the courtroom. Whether you are going through a divorcerenegotiating child custodyyou’ve had an auto accidentyou’re disputing a contract, or perhaps facing criminal charges, there is an attorney who specializes in the type of law you need. Hiring an attorney to represent you in court has multiple tangible benefits and offers real peace of mind.

The next time you or someone you know is headed to court, remember these advantages of hiring an attorney:

  • Save Money: In criminal and traffic law, fines and fees are standard parts of any ruling. Your attorney may be able to have your fines reduced or eliminated based on your case and circumstances. An experienced attorney can advise you on settlements.
  • Save Time: An attorney hired to represent you will file any motions or documents for you, preventing procedural delays caused by missed deadlines or errors. In some cases, your attorney may be able to appear in court on your behalf, saving you lost wages and work time.
  • Stress-free Paperwork: Court cases consist of a network of paperwork: forms for waivers, motions, requests and responses that must all be filed on an exacting schedule. Misfiling or incorrectly preparing a document can result in delay or even dismissal of your case.
  • Access to Experts: Depending on the nature of the case, attorneys often rely on consultants or specialists to provide expert testimony. If your case requires an expert, chances are your attorney already has an association that will save you valuable time and footwork. Because attorneys spend hours in court, they build relationships with prosecutors, judges, court clerks, and other personnel who will be involved in hearing and processing your case. By hiring an attorney, your case can benefit from these professional relationships.

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