A consumer protection law is created to protect and ensure fairness in competition and information in the marketplace. They are put in place to prevent businesses from having an unfair advantage over their competitors by engaging in unfair or untruthful practices and to provide protection for smaller companies and consumers as well. The ultimate goal of consumer protection is to protect the interests of the consumers. There are violations that may require you as a consumer to retain the services of an attorney in situations that adversely affect. These include fair debt collection practice act violations, Michigan consumer protection act violations and fair credit reporting act violations. If you live in Michigan, an Attorney in Ypsilanti at Collis & Griffor, PC may be able to assist you if you have an issue with consumer protection.

Fair Debt Collection Practice Act Violations

If you are in a position where someone is trying to collect debts owed by you such as collection agencies or attorneys, they are regulated by Federal laws from trying to obtain these debts from you. They are not permitted to contact third parties in reference to your debt, they cannot harass you , and cannot threaten to take action not permitted legally without a judgment. Anytime an agency violates these terms, they are subject to fines and legal fees in relation to the case. You and your attorney are ultimately in charge of protecting your interests.

Michigan Consumer Protection Act Violations

Every state has its own specific consumer protection acts in relation to their residents. In Michigan, there are over 30 possible violations of this act. The Michigan Consumer Protection Act was created to protect you, the Michigan consumer, from unfair or deceptive business practices. If you feel that your rights have been violated in cases such as this, judgments by the court may allow you a minimum of $250.00 in damages as well as attorney fees and court costs if the business is found guilty of a violation against you.

Fair Credit Reporting Act Violations

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a Federal Law that regulates collection, distribution and use of consumer information. Consumer reporting agencies or CRA’s are responsible for allowing the consumer to verify the accuracy of their information. They are also responsible for distributing the information, only to be used for credit evaluation and certain other purposes including employment. CRA’s sometimes make mistakes. If these mistakes have an adverse affect on you, you are able to dispute the error. The proper order is to first contact the credit bureau, if you are unable to get the correction made there, you may then have reason to seek an attorney to assist you in removing the error.

If you live in Michigan and are looking for legal representation in a consumer protection violation, an attorney in Ypsilanti may provide you with key services necessary to assist you. Contact Collis & Griffor, PC if you have questions on consumer protection and your rights.

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