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June 2017 Archives

How to handle a dispute with a business partner

Conflict is not something that you can always avoid when you work with a business partner in Michigan. Although you both may agree about things most of the time, there may be situations where you do not. Small disagreements can turn into major ones that can cause an otherwise healthy and mutually rewarding business partnership to crumble. They can also prove disastrous for your company. 

How can I build my business's reputation?

Starting a business in Michigan is no easy task. You may have visions of profits and expansion in mind, but before you can reach those goals, you need to focus on building your company's reputation. A strong and favorable reputation is what you want for your business. However, building a good reputation for a startup business is not something that can be done overnight. It takes time, careful planning, strategic action, a good understanding of business law and the right resources.

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