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November 2015 Archives

The End of Driver Responsibility Fees in Michigan

The driver responsibility fees that were put in place and passed in 2004 by Governor Rick Snyder, are being phased out by October of 2019. The law was designed to raise money for the state as well as keep serious and repeat offenders off the roads. The fines of between $500 and $1000 were imposed above and beyond the standard traffic fees, so in effect, the state was "double dipping" according to those who disagreed with the fees.

What You Need to Know About an Elder Being Cared For Outside a Nursing Home

Do you have a parent or elderly relative or neighbor being care for in their home by someone? Finding an in home caregiver you can trust isn't always easy, but it is extremely important. It might be comforting for your loved one to remain in their own home, but there are factors you need to be aware of to make sure they are being cared for properly.

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