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Due to the average life expectancy rate becoming higher over the years, the cost of long-term care has become very important to many people as they plan the future of their finances. A critical part of growing older and ensuring that your assets and loved ones are protected is by securing your finances. In doing so, you can be sure that no stone is left unturned and all matters are taken care of. This can be accomplished with the assistance of an experienced elder law attorney. For quality legal guidance when preparing for the years to come, contact Collis, Griffor & Hendra today to learn more about how our elder law attorneys can help you.

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As people grow older, they often worry about the longevity of their savings and if they are prepared for it. Without proper planning, a person’s life savings can deplete faster than they realize. This is because people often forget to consider the federal and state laws that come into play when preserving assets and planning for future medical treatment. These matters can be overwhelming to think about, which is why it is beneficial to have a team of elder attorneys to navigate this process for you.

At Collis, Griffor & Hendra, our attorneys have the knowledge and resources that are necessary in order to guide you and your family through the elder planning process. With years of experience, our firm is efficient at helping clients understand the options they have for the future to be sure their needs will be met. The estate planning services we provide clients in Washtenaw County can include but are not limited to, the following:

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At Collis, Griffor & Hendra, we believe in the importance of being prepared for your future. Life is unexpected, and you never know what tomorrow can bring. It is because of this that it is always better to be ready for what comes next and it is never too soon to begin planning. If you are ready to begin, it is important to retain the services of an accomplished elder law attorney as soon as possible. The legal team at Collis, Griffor & Hendra is committed to making sure that you are secure and comfortable with your future. For quality legal representation when it is needed most, contact Collis, Griffor & Hendra today to get started.

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