You may qualify for an expungement of your record in Michigan. Even one conviction on your record no matter what it is, may easily have far reaching consequences on your life in terms of housing, loans and even jobs. Without an expungement, something you did or were falsely convicted of doing when you were young may prevent you from getting the job you were working so hard for or that dream home you need a loan for years later. Thanks to expungements or adjudication for minors, you may once again be able to honestly say you have no criminal record. Even if a background check is performed on ICHAT (Internet Criminal History Access Tool), expunged records will no longer show up. Once you begin the process, it may take up to 6 months to have your conviction set aside. In addition, your ICHAT record may take an additional 30 days to be removed as well.

Getting an expungement in Michigan doesn’t happen overnight. There are many steps involved in the expungement process. Governed by MCL 712A.18e and 780.621, to get you record set aside you must:

Step 1 – Talk to an attorney – If you have considered an expungement, it is likely that there is a good reason. As it is still up to a judge to determine if your record will be expunged, having an attorney to advise you during this time is often quite helpful.

Step 2 – Determine if you are eligible – You must never have had your record expunged, it must be 5 years since the completion of your sentence and your crime must be able to be expunged as some crimes are not open for expungement.

Step 3 – Get and complete an application to set aside the conviction from the court you were convicted in (MC227 for adults and JC66 for juveniles).

Step 4 – Get a certified copy of the judgment of sentence, register of actions or probation order.

Step 5 – You must have/get a Michigan Applicant Fingerprint card which must be filled out.

Step 6 – Submit the application, fingerprint card and proof of the sentence etc along with a processing fee to the Michigan State Police, the court where you were convicted and the Attorney General.

Step 7 – Go to court – It is during this time that it will be decided whether you will have your record expunged or not. You may testify yourself or even bring witnesses to help you prove your case to the judge.

Step 8 – Double check you’ve been removed from ICHAT (30 days after court)

The expungement process in Michigan can be confusing and difficult and you should not do it alone. Finding a skilled and knowledgeable Michigan expungement attorney is important. We can help you feel more comfortable, understand better and get through this otherwise difficult time.

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