Every family is different. Some parents choose to leave all their assets to their children, other parents leave assets to only some of their children, other parents do not leave assets to their children at all. When it comes to estate planning, it is important to do what is best for you and your family. If you are interested in excluding a child from your will, read on for more information and contact an experienced estate planning attorney.

Why Would I Exclude my Child From my Will?

There are plenty of reasons a parent may choose to exclude a child from a will. For example, some children struggle with addiction and a parent may worry that the child will use the money to fuel a dangerous habit. In this case, you can create a trust to leave your child money in the event that they overcome the addiction. Some parents may not want to include a disabled child in their will for fear that it will limit the child’s government aid. In this case, it is likely a good idea to create a special needs trust. This will allow you to ensure that your child is taken care of financially while still receiving their disability benefits. If you are interested in creating a trust for your child, contact a Michigan estate planning attorney to begin the process.

How Can I Exclude my Child From my Will?

If you wish to exclude your child from your will, you must state that you are doing so. If you simply forgo mentioning your child, your child may be able to contest the will. For example, the child may claim that you forgot to put them in the will. To avoid this, you should state that you are not including your child. It helps to include a reason for the exclusion, further increasing the difficulty of disputing the will down the line. To ensure that all goes as planned, it is important to retain the help of a skilled estate planning attorney.

Can I Modify my Will if I Change my Mind?

If you exclude your child from your will and later change your mind, you can always modify your will with the help of an estate planning attorney.

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