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December 2015 Archives

Michigan Revises Gun Permitting Process

A new law was signed by Governor Rick Snyder modifying the process for obtaining a concealed pistol license in Michigan. The Governor had twice vetoed measures of a similar nature over concerns with provisions that would have allowed gun owners with special training to carry in places like schools and bars which are considered "carry-free" zones. Another concern in a former proposal would have removed a CPL prohibition for those subject to a personal protection order. Neither of these provisions were included into the new bill.

Copyright Law and Why it Matters

Copyright laws began as far back as the 18th century in England and were created to protect authors. Authors needed to renew their copyright every two years or their works would no longer be protected. Copyright laws have continually changed over the years, and continue to become more complicated with the invention of the internet. Information, books, photos, movies and music are all easy to access, copy and paste and use as your own, even if someone else created it and owns the rights to it.

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