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Erase Your Past And Start Anew - How To Get An Expungement In Michigan

You may qualify for an expungement of your record in Michigan. Even one conviction on your record no matter what it is, may easily have far reaching consequences on your life in terms of housing, loans and even jobs. Without an expungement, something you did or were falsely convicted of doing when you were young may prevent you from getting the job you were working so hard for or that dream home you need a loan for years later. Thanks to expungements or adjudication for minors, you may once again be able to honestly say you have no criminal record. Even if a background check is performed on ICHAT (Internet Criminal History Access Tool), expunged records will no longer show up. Once you begin the process, it may take up to 6 months to have your conviction set aside. In addition, your ICHAT record may take an additional 30 days to be removed as well.

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