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January 2013 Archives

The Importance of Sentencing Advocacy

Often the most important part of a case takes place after the conviction. In many cases, the defendant was not disputing what happened, but only how they should be punished for their mistake. It is not uncommon for this part of the case to have a very significant impact on the client. Unfortunately, too many attorneys do not spend the time needed to present their client to the judge in the best light possible.

DUI Attorney Belleville MI: A DUI Should Not Be Taken Lightly

Like virtually all offenses today, penalties for DUIs or Driving Under the Influence vary from state to state. A DUI is defined as the act of driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol above the legal limit. If you are facing a DUI charge you will need a skilled attorney to help you navigate your way through the extremely complicated and detailed laws which are associated with this charge.

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