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April 2012 Archives

Michigan's New Expungement Law

Prior to June, 2011, a person only could have a crime expunged from their criminal record more than five years had passed since conviction of the offense or more than five years from imprisonment, whichever was greater, and if that person had not been convicted of any other crime.  However, as of June 23, 2011, Michigan amended its expungement statute to allow for the setting aside of a criminal conviction even if a person has been convicted of two or less minor crimes in addition to the crime for which an application to set aside the conviction was submitted.  A minor crime is defined as a crime that has possible maximum penalties of less than ninety-one days in jail and a fine that does not exceed one thousand dollars.

Collis & Griffor, PC Hires First Full Time Employee, Randi Irwin

On April 2, 2012, Collis & Griffor, PC officially welcomed Randi Irwin into the firm.  She is Collis & Griffor, PC's first full time employee.  Randi is a graduate of the paralegal studies program at Wayne County Community College.  Prior to being hired at Collis & Griffor, PC, she acted as an unpaid intern at Collis & Griffor, PC for over a year.

Retail Fraud in Michigan

When a person steals merchandise that is for sale to the general public during business hours, they are committing retail fraud. Retail fraud also involves the act of attempting to get fraudulent refunds from a store or "price switching." Retail fraud is considered a theft crime, such as larceny. This crime does require proof that the merchandise was stolen intentionally, meaning with an intent to steal.

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