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Custody And Divorce Mediation

paper family cut in half Divorce and custody cases are often settled outside of the courtroom through negotiation or mediation. And often, mediation results in a fair resolution to the case that costs far less than full-blown courtroom litigation.

At Collis & Griffor PC, our skilled family law attorneys know how to get our clients a fair deal they can live with, regardless of the method used to reach that resolution — litigation, mediation, arbitration or otherwise. Because for us, it's all about you.

The Benefits Of ADR

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) includes dispute resolution processes and techniques that act as a means for disagreeing parties to come to an agreement short of litigation. It is a collective term for the ways that parties can settle disputes, with (or without) the help of a third party. ADR is generally classified into at least five types: negotiation, mediation, collaborative law, and arbitration and conciliation/coordination.

Despite historic resistance to ADR by many popular parties and their advocates, ADR has gained widespread acceptance among both the general public and the legal profession in recent years. The rising popularity of ADR can be explained by the increasing caseload of traditional courts, the proposition that ADR imposes fewer costs than litigation and the desire of some parties to have greater control over the selection of the individual or individuals who will decide their dispute.

Mediation Explained

Mediation is a voluntary process whereby parties use a neutral and impartial third party to assist the parties in reaching a mutually acceptable solution to their problem. Mediation should not be confused with arbitration whereby the third party will make a decision or case evaluation and a recommended settlement will be issued. In mediation, the mediator will facilitate a safe environment where not only lawyers but also parties can speak and be heard.

There are many benefits to mediation, including being cost-effective, saving time, avoiding litigation, improving communication and allowing you to design a solution that works for you and your family. If you are considering mediation in a custody or divorce matter, call Collis & Griffor PC today at 734-707-9408, or contact us online to schedule your consultation. From our office in Ypsilanti, we serve clients throughout southern Michigan.

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