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Family Law For Working Professionals

Collis & Griffor, PC, also assists working professionals with all manner of family law issues. We understand that family troubles can monopolize your time and cause deep personal frustration — they can also negatively impact your business.

Our family law attorneys can help you iron out those family issues — so you can comfortably split your focus between family and running a successful business. We can help you with issues including:

  • Divorce — In Michigan, fault is not required for divorce. However, it can affect almost all aspects of division of property. Difficult and time consuming, navigating divorce proceedings can also be confusing.
  • Custody and parenting time — In regard to these and other child-related issues — including those that involve moving a minor child out of state or more then 100 miles away — you will likely need to go to court. From the different types of custody to parenting time and the distance which is allowed between both parties when a child is involved, Michigan has specific laws which will affect you and your family.
  • Child Support — Child support is based on a number of factors. In Michigan, there is a formula to help determine the amount of child support which will be required.
  • Spousal Support — Spousal support was formally known as alimony. In Michigan, the amount of spousal support depends on a number of factors and is considered separate from property settlement.

Why choose us to handle your divorce or custody matter?

Clients tell us there are many reasons they are glad they entrusted us to handle their important family law matters. Since we also handle many clients' business-related matters, convenience, personal knowledge and legal experience are several reasons we are their first choice when it comes to resolving family law issues. Additionally, we also offer:

  1. Personal attention provided to each and every client
  2. Experience and training in finance and child psychology
  3. Free in-person consultation to see how we can best help you

Experienced Ann Arbor Family Law Firm

Our dedicated legal team will help you make the best of an often emotional situation and plan for the rest of your life. One of our lead attorneys not only holds an MBA, giving you an edge in the financial aspects of your case, but her psychology background makes her the perfect choice to advocate for your children.

Collis & Griffor, PC, is here to help you not only navigate your business law issues, but also your family law issues. Call us today at 734-707-9408 or contact us online to set up an appointment for a free consultation. We advise and represent clients in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and throughout southern Michigan.

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