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Felonies – Felony Attorney Ypsilanti MI

A felony is any crime that has a maximum possible sentence of more than a year in prison. A serious charge, felonies can range from murder or rape, to writing bad checks, or even third drunk driving offenses in Michigan. Individuals have been charged with a felony are entitled to a jury trial, an attorney and one appointed to him or her if he or she cannot afford one, the right to remain silent and not have silence used against that person or to testify if a person chooses, the right to subpoena witnesses on that person’s behalf and the right to cross examine witnesses against them.

Felony Attorney Ypsilanti MI

Being charged with a felony is bad enough but being convicted of one is even more difficult to deal with. Felony charges can stick with you and impact your life and the life of your family greatly. From housing to jobs to public scrutiny, one mistake can follow you for the rest of your life. Choosing to hire a felony attorney is a good way to ensure that your best interests are protected throughout your case. Collis & Griffor, PC are Ypsilanti attorneys who specialize in a variety of facets of the law in Michigan including felony law.  If you are facing felony charges, call Collis & Griffor, PC today at 734-707-9408 or contact us to set up an appointment for a free consultation.

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