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A crime can only be expunged from one’s record if they have not been convicted of any other crime, misdemeanor or felony, and at least five years have passed since the end of probation or sentence, whichever is later. Civil infractions cannot be expunged. Certain crimes, such as drunk driving, murder, and rape offenses cannot be expunged.

An expungement or setting aside convictions in Michigan fall under Act 213 of Chapter 780 of the MCL. The Act offers the rules and regulations regarding applications for setting aside conviction, what convictions are prohibited from being set aside, how to submit an application, what is required for submission, court orders, and limitations.

Sec 1. A person who is convicted of not more than 1 offense may file an application with the convicting court for the entry of an order setting aside the conviction unless the conviction was a felony which had a maximum punishment of life imprisonment or attempted commission of a felony for which the maximum punishment was life imprisonment or other convictions specifically named in other sections of the Act.

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