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Drivers License Restoration in Michigan

Driver’s licenses can be suspended for a number of reasons: too many points on a driver’s license, not paying a traffic ticket, repeated driving while license suspended tickets, and drunk driving represent just some of the many reasons. For example,  a driver’s license will be revoked upon two drinking and driving offenses and cannot be regained until at least a year after the offense. In such a case, only the Secretary of State can be petitioned for a restricted or full new license. At the hearing, it must be shown that the substance abuse problem is under control and likely to remain under control, and that the likelihood that the individual will drink and drive while under the influence of alcohol is low or minimal.

Depending on why you had your license suspended, the process and requirements to restore it will vary however it will often require a hearing with the DLAD.  The Driver’s License Appeal Division or DLAD is part of the Michigan Secretary of State and is given certain power under the Administrative Procedures Act. Cases are all overseen by administrative law judges and are formal recorded hearings, very similar to proceedings in a regular court of law.

Whatever cause your suspension, we understand that having your license restored is imperative. Whether you are facing suspensions which were due to driving while suspended, refusal of breathalyzer, OWI, points related suspensions, medical suspensions or suspensions related to financial responsibility, hiring a skilled driver’s license restoration attorney may help you ensure the best outcome for your case.

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