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Criminal law is the body of law which relates to crime in specific. It is used to regulate social conduct. Although crimes may be the same no matter where you are, the punishments for these crimes vary from state to state. For this reason, hiring a criminal law attorney is important to protecting your rights. Please select any of the legal areas below to find out more about our services:

Please select any of the legal areas below to find out more about our services:

  1. Traffic Violations - speeding, reckless driving, CDL violations and more.
  2. Driver’s License Restoration – Driving is a privilege not a right. If you should disobey the law, you may find yourself with a punishment which includes the removal of your rights to drive. If you have had your driver’s license taken away due to suspended tickets or drinking and driving for example, it is advised that you contact a driver’s license restoration attorney to help you in regaining your privileges.
  3. Misdemeanors – Defined as a lesser criminal act, misdemeanors are generally punished less severely than felonies. Punishments can range from fines to less than a year in jail.
  4. Felonies -A serious crime, felonies are crimes which are punishable by the maximum including imprisonment for over 1 year to death for the most severe.
  5. Drunk Driving Offenses (OWI, OUI, DWI) – There are many different drunk driving offenses. Each state and each country has its own limits, its own regulations an its own punishments for these crimes.
  6. Expungement – The sealing of a prior criminal record. Not deleting your record, an expungement simply deletes it from your public record. Expungement laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

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