Drunk Driving Offenses Ypsilanti MI

There are two main drunk driving offenses: Operating Under the Influence and Operating While Intoxicated. Breathalyzer results or blood results above a .08 will result in the higher charge of Operating While Intoxicated, which is 6 points and for a first offense carries a maximum fine of $500 plus court costs, a license suspension with 30 days that have no possibility of restricted license and possible immobilization of the car. Operating Under the Influence is a 4 point offense and carries a maximum fine of $300 plus court costs, and a license suspension. Second offenses of either charge (even if one was impaired and the other intoxicated) within 7 years of each other mandates a one year license revocation. A third offense at any point in one’s life is a felony and has a mandatory jail sentence.

Rules regarding impaired driving differ for those under the age of 21. For those under 21, it is illegal by Michigan law to:

  • Drive with a bodily alcohol content of .02 or more or with any presence of alcohol in your body except for that consumed at a generally recognized religious ceremony.
  • Buy, possess, or consume alcoholic beverages. You may transport alcohol in a vehicle only when accompanied by someone age 21 or older. Those under 21  can be charged with a misdemeanor, whether in a parking lot or on the road if stopped by the police and there is alcohol in the vehicle.

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal. Michigan takes a strong stand against those found guilty of operating under the influence, for this reason, cases involving alcohol or drugs while driving are considered criminal.

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