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Civil infractions are traffic tickets or other ordinance citations that are not punishable by any jail term because they are not crimes. Unlike a misdemeanor or a felony, there is no right to have an attorney appointed to an indigent defendant and there is no ability to have a jury trial. Furthermore, unlike a misdemeanor or a felony, the standard of proof is not “beyond a reasonable doubt.” The standard of proof for the prosecutor is a preponderance of evidence. In other words, the prosecutor must only show slightly more likely than not (or 51% likely) that a person committed the offense. This is the same standard in a civil law suit.

Most people are concerned with points when it comes to a civil infraction. Points are not a function of the court. Points are a function of the traffic offense for which they are associated. A court cannot change the points associated with an offense. Furthermore, no courts are permitted to take tickets under advisement any longer. There are only two moving civil infraction offenses which carry less than two points. Moving civil infractions, regardless of points are reported to the Secretary of State and can be discovered by an individual’s insurance carrier to raise the premium of that person’s insurance.

According to Michigan law, more specifically the Michigan point system, each traffic violation has a point value. Those points will remain on your license for two years from the date of conviction. If you believe that there are circumstances which may affect the outcome of your case, they must be submitted in court.

Civil Infractions  Traffic Attorney Ypsilanti MI

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