Collections Ypsilanti MI

Michigan has many laws to protect consumers who are in debt. These laws are governed by the Uniform Commercial Code, the FDCPA and the MCPA.

Commercial Collections

Formerly a member of the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) and currently listed with American Lawyer’s Quarterly (ALQ), Collis & Griffor, PC complies with CLLA guidelines for forwarded accounts. Due to the ability of businesses to quickly form and disappear, we believe in taking an aggressive approach to collections, preferably commencing litigation within 30 days of account forwarding. In Michigan, the Uniform Commercial Code governs commercial transactions.

Consumer Collections

Types of of consumer debt include credit card debt, mortgage debt, student loan debt, auto loan debt and bankruptcy. In the United States, the FDCPA generally governs how debt collectors may legally operate, this includes Michigan.  These laws apply to both individuals as well as business which regularly collect debts.  Collis & Griffor, PC are Federal Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA) and Michigan Collection Protection Act and Michigan Consumer Protection Act (MCPA) compliant. Therefore, upon taking any case, we send out a 30 day notice and wait until after that time period has passed prior to filing suit. We service a wide range of industries in collections, including attorneys, accountants, small businesses and other consumers.

Defense of Collection Actions

Whether a collection agency or an attorney has violated the FDCPA, Michigan Consumer Protection Act, or Michigan Collection Practice Act, or whether a debt is partially valid and requires defense against the portion that is invalid, we will aggressively pursue all your rights to obtain the best possible outcome for your individual situation.


Collections Attorney Ypsilanti MI

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