Failure to Appear is a Crime

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Chances are you didn't mean to miss your day in court however, the consequences are still the same. If you fail to appear in court in Michigan, you may now have an additional misdemeanor charge against you and there may also be a warrant out for your Read More

Michigan’s New Expungement Law

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Prior to June, 2011, a person only could have a crime expunged from their criminal record more than five years had passed since conviction of the offense or more than five years from imprisonment, whichever was greater, and if that person had not Read More

Michigan’s Super Drunk Driving Law

Michigan's Super Drunk Driving Law

On October 31, 2010, Michigan’s new “super drunk” driving law went into effect, which changed several sections of the Michigan Vehicle Code. Previously, intoxicated drivers faced charges of Operating While Visibly Impaired (OWVI) or Operating While Read More

Domestic Violence and Michigan Landlord – Tenant Law

Domestic Violence and Michigan Landlord - Tenant Law

The Michigan Landlord Tenant Relationship Act (“LTRA”) regulates rental agreements between landlords and tenants of residential property. In 2010, this act was amended to include a clause that releases tenants from their payment obligations when the Read More