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Tips on Hiring the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

Tips on Hiring the Best Criminal Defense Attorney When you find yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney, you want the best. Finding the right criminal defense attorney can be challenging, and while there might be several good choices, you want someone you trust and feel comfortable with, someone you know is going to give your case the attention it deserves. You may need to interview several defense attorneys to find someone who gives you that confidence. 

Expungement: Setting Aside an Adult Conviction in Michigan

Among the valuable legal services we offer, is the guidance you need when petitioning the court to have a conviction set aside. Expungement, or the removal of a criminal conviction from your record, can be a complicated process that has the power to profoundly change your life.  Having a conviction on your record can have an adverse affect on your ability to get a job, take out a loan or obtain housing. 

Tips for Going to Court

Having to make a court appearance can be stressful, but you don't have to face it alone. Hiring an attorney to represent you gives you an ally with an intimate understanding of the law, and many hundreds of hours in its practice. Your attorney can analyze your case and make recommendations on settlements or plea bargains that are based on experience gained in the courtroom. Whether you are going through a divorce, renegotiating child custody, you've had an auto accident, you're disputing a contract, or perhaps facing criminal charges, there is an attorney who specializes in the type of law you need. Hiring an attorney to represent you in court has multiple tangible benefits and offers real peace of mind.  

Supreme Court Whittles Away Search & Seizure Rights

Utah v Streiff A few days ago the Supreme Court of The United States handed down an opinion that has caused a great deal of debate in the legal community around the issue of evidence exclusion in the face of admitted police misconduct.  Utah v. Strieff, 579 U.S. __ (2016). In this case, the court determined that it was ok for evidence to be used which was gathered after an illegal stop of a defendant. In this case the government agreed that the initial stop of the defendant was inappropriate, and in fact illegal. Once the officer took identification from the defendant, without having reasonable suspicion that he was involved in a crime, that officer ran his information through the police database. 

You Cannot Be Jailed for Failing to Pay Fines You Cannot Afford

debt trouble The Michigan Supreme Court recently made changes to the Court Rules which brings them in line with caselaw about a person's ability to pay fines, fees, and costs. This is wonderful news as the courts long ago determined that jailing someone for failing to pay fines without first determining whether the individual has the ability to pay is a violation of the his or her constitutional rights. Bearden v Georgia, 461 US 660 (1983).  

Biggest Mistakes People Make in a Divorce

Financial mistakes can often be the most common and costly mistakes.  In many cases, one person manages the finances and the other has no clue.  This can create a serious issue for the person that doesn't fully know much about the household finances. If you are planning a divorce or you suspect your spouse is planning to divorce you, it's a good idea to make copies of financial and bank account records, including bank statements, tax returns, retirement accounts and even credit card bills to protect your financial assets. Coming up with an accurate budget to determine child support and alimony can be difficult and often gets underestimated. Once you've agreed to a settlement, it's not easy to go back.  Let your attorney or financial planner help come up with a budget that will meet your needs. You're going to need to work with the other party to help minimize the tax burden when going from one tax return to two individual returns.  

Michigan State Police are Stepping up their Texting and Driving Enforcement with Undercover Units

April is national distracted drivers' month and the police will be cracking down on violators. But don't think this only applies to April.  Texting while driving has been illegal in both Michigan and Indiana for over six years.  Unfortunately, drivers just don't seem to be getting the message so law enforcement is planning to increase their distracted drivers patrol this month as well as encourage stiffer fines for these offenses. Right now, the fine for texting and driving in Michigan is $100 for the first offense, next time it goes to $200. The fine in Indiana is only $25 but if you are involved in an accident because of using your phone, the fine can go up to $1,000.  

Michigan's New Helmet Law Bring Increases in Fatalities and Serious Head Injury

In April 2012, five of the seven members of the Transportation Committee in the Michigan legislature voted to modify Michigan's universal helmet law. Prior to this vote, every motorcyclist in the state was required to wear a helmet. Helmets continue to be mandatory for all Michigan drivers under the age of 20, but older drivers now have a choice. 

New Year, New Laws

With each New Year, we make a list of resolutions, we change the batteries in the smoke detectors, and we make better use of our gym memberships. 

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